Just a 45 minute drive from the heart of Bangalore, Prestige Golfshire is set against the stunning backdrop of scenic Nandi Hills. This captivating estate is a 275 acre mixed development project consisting of 228 luxury villas, a 300 bed luxury hotel, an 18 hole championship golf course, and a private lake.

The elegant 4 bedroom villas come in 8 different designs, each with its own private swimming pool. The tropical architectural designs, created by the award-winning architectural firms MAPS Design (Singapore) and Thomas Associates (Bangalore), reflect a spirit of serenity, peace and tranquility.

Occupancy Certificate (OC) received




  • Luxury Villas
  • 228 Mansions
  • 18-Hole Championship Course
  • Falcon Greens Golf Clubhouse
  • Marriott Luxury Hotel & Convention Centre
  • Quan Luxury Spa
  • 275 Acres


  • Golf Course
  • Clubhouse
  • Restaurant
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Health Club
  • Gym

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Property FAQs

What is Prestige Golfshire & Where is it located?

Prestige Golfshire is a 275 acre luxury development, which consists of an 18 hole Championship Golf Course, Falcon Greens Clubhouse, Marriott Hotel, Convention Centre, Spa and 228 Super Luxury Golf Mansions.
The property is located at the foothills of the picturesque Nandi Hills and is 39 kms from Vidhana Soudha on the Nandi Hills State Highway. It is 6 Kms from NH7 & 12 Kms from the Bangalore International Airport, the drive from the Airport is a mere 10 minutes.

What was the brief given to the architects of this development?

The development as per the brief has been planned and designed in accordance with the highest quality of international real estate development and environment standards.
The development will strictly adhere to Prestige�s philosophy of incorporating high-quality residential designs with ecological sensitivity. The Golf Mansions will be designed and built in harmony with the natural landscape and with consciousness to the long term preservation of the environment.

Who are the key designers of the development?

Golf Architect & PGA Design Consultants, UK.
Hotel / Villa Architect & Maps Design, Singapore.
Local Architects & Thomas Associates, Bangalore.
Landscape Consultant & Belt Collins, Singapore
Special Lighting Design & LDP, Australia

What are the key features of the property?

Bangalore’s most picturesque property has panoramic views of the Nandi Hills in the backdrop and also adjoining the property is the serene 71 acre Karehalli Lake. This lake has been adopted by Prestige and will be beautified and maintained by us. The Property has a natural gradient from the highest point to the lake of over 100 feet.
The property has just 228 luxury Mansions, all of a 4 Bedroom configuration. These exclusive Mansions come with specifications which match the best. In addition, the Mansions are Air-conditioned with fitted designer Wardrobes and Kitchens, a sun deck, private pool & a Jacuzzi.
Marriott Hotel, Spa & Convention Centre
This luxury hotel will have 270 rooms, 30 luxury suites, 7 luxury pool villas. The Hotel will have a Coffee Shop, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Conference Hall, Convention Centre and The Quan Luxury Spa.
Golf Course
The Golf Course is an 18 hole Championship Course Par 72, designed by PGA Consulting, UK, which measures 7000 yards with undulating landscape indispersed with Eco Ponds.

What are the different types of mansions and what are their  sizes?

There are six different types of Mansions to suit a variety of needs. Each one has its distinctive features. The entire project has been Master-planned and each plot has a pre-determined Mansions planned for it.

What are the views from the mansions?

Every Mansion overlooks the Golf Course and most units have spectacular views of the Nandi Hills and the Karehalli Lake.

Is this a phased development & what is the timeline for completion?

Yes this is a phased development. A few Mansions, the golf course and the Clubhouse will be completed by December 2011. The second phase of Mansions will be completed by the Q2 of 2013.

Are all plots of the same size?

No, there are varying land areas for each unit.

Will each plot be demarcated?

Yes. There will be landscape elements to demark the Mansions. However, no compound walls will be built.

Can I just buy the plot and build as per my plan?

Sorry, the plot alone cannot be sold. We are selling Mansions as a unit with a pre-determined unit value.

Is the entire development fenced?

Yes, it will be a gated community.

Are modifications permitted?

The Mansions have been master-planned to match the overall theme and ambience of the development. No changes or modifications in design and specifications are permitted.

What are the privileges of the mansion owner?

50 rounds of free golf to be utilized within a 1 year period.
20% discount on Green Fees for Mansion owners only.

Falcon Greens, the Golf Clubhouse
20% discount on select services.

How are mansion owners ensured privacy/security?

Prestige/its associates/ assigns will retain ownership of all these assets.

Who will retain the ownership of the clubhouse, golf course and the hotel?

Prestige/its associates/ assigns will retain ownership of all these assets.

What are the facilities at the clubhouse?

The Falcon Greens Clubhouse has the following facilities:
Restaurant, proshop, wellness zone, swimming pool, squash court, tennis court, library, convenience store, children�s play area and chemist shop.

Are the golf course & club facilities open to non-residents?

Yes. To ensure optimal use of facilities, these facilities are open to those who wish to avail of these services on a pay & use basis. Hotel guests will also have access to these facilities.

What is the source of water?

We have excellent ground water available. A water recycling plant, rain water harvesting and other methods for optimum use of water resources are planned. In addition modern technology is being used for irrigation.

What will be the scope of maintenance?

The scope of maintenance will cover maintenance of the common infrastructure for the mansions, road, landscape of common areas, upkeep of the individual landscape of the Mansions, AMC of the pool and all other items required for the upkeep of the common areas. The Mansion owners in discussion with the Property Management
Company can further define the scope as may be required.
The Prestige Property Management and Services will vary out the above Scope of Maintenance on a cost + 15% basis. Specialised agencies as required will be appointed.
Maintenance of the golf course and the Clubhouse will be carried out by Prestige.

How do i get an allotment?

Fill up the booking application form indicating your choice of Mansion
Enclose the booking form along with your cheque/DD.
Allotment will be given at the sole descreption of Prestige

What happens thereafter?

Based on your application and priority you will be offered the Mansions available. On confirmation of the Mansion
of your choice you will be required to make the necessary initial payments along with the post-dated cheques.

What is the payment required to be made?

An initial token payment for Rs.50,00,000/- and post dated cheques for 25% of the sale value are required to be made. Post-dated cheques for the balance 75% of the sale value have to be handed over within 30 days from the date of allotment.

How are the installments to be paid? Is it time-bound?

Installments are to be paid by way of post-dated cheques which is a pre-condition of the allotment. The schedule of the payment is determined at the time of the sale. The payment is not linked to the progress of the construction but on a time-bound basis wherein the delivery date has already been established.

Will there be validity for the price list?

The price list will be subject to change from time to time.

What are the other additional amounts to be paid?

Registration charges, external development charges, generator charges, maintenance corpus & monthly maintenance charges, khatha, property taxes and any other taxes as applicable are payable at the time of possession based on the then prevailing guidelines.

What happens If I cancel my booking?

Why would anybody want to lose on a one time opportunity of owning a dream Golf Mansion home? However, bookings cancelled will attract a cancellation charge of 1% of the total sale value of the Mansion booked.

What is the type of documentation to be executed?

A composite agreement for sale of land and construction will be executed once the initial payments and post-dated cheques are handed over as per the payment schedule. On completion of the project a Sale Deed will be executed in favour of the Purchaser at the time of Registration.

Can I sell my property after I make my first payment?

Transfers are at the sole discretion of Prestige, and subject to payment of the Transfer Fee and compliance with the Terms & Conditions.

Have all the approvals been obtained?

Yes. All approvals have been obtained.

Is the title of the property clear?

Yes, the land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances.

Has the project been approved by housing finance institutions?

Yes, the land has been approved by select Housing Finance Institutions.

Can I avail of a home loan?

Yes, you can avail of a loan from select Housing Finance Institutions.

What design safeguards have been kept in mind while preparing the masterplan?

The orientation of the holes and placement of the Mansion have been carefully done based on accepted practices and the designer’s vast experience with other developments. In the unlikely event of the golf ball hitting the Mansion, owners are advised to claim insurance. For safety reasons walking on the golf course is prohibited, unless
one is playing a round of golf. Specified areas are available for circulation.

Will there be night golf?

Respecting the need for privacy of the Mansion owners there will be no night golf.

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